The idea of communication (essay) is to develop the interest concerning a natural movement principle (transport, propulsion), in the sense of using it as a mean of mechanical movement. We are not always aware, but every movement in the gravitational field creates problems that nature solves for a lot of situations by the pendulatory movement. Even if we want or not, we are a sort of mobile pendulums, as Mother Nature created us. I think that there is no use to question ourselves if some “projection” mistakes were done, but especially if the pendulum as a symbol of movement includes something more in nature that we usually understand. The real can coexist with the possible real for a while, but sooner or later the nature laws impose, the former ones. Generally, the Nature and the Cosmos have an unimaginable generosity concerning the forms of movement. The problem is that we have to carefully observe them, to correctly understand them, to formalize and to assemble them in a way that is the closest to reality. After all, the real is, from the physical point of view, the most important thing, and no other interpretations. Almost certainly, we are not at the end of the science, but somewhere on its way, not always the correct one. In a science that we admiringly regard (the medicine), near conservationism other means of understanding co-exist, which, even if they are not approved, finally collaborate in a common goal, the gain belonging to all: if you climb the tree of science on a certain branch, it is not wise to cut the others, because you do never know if you are on the branch or on the trunk when you want to go to the top. Which is the actual situation in physics? Here happened something like “the Bolsheviks eliminate the Mensheviks” and there were no trouble if the things developed in a good manner. We are not at an end of the century, but at the end of millennium and, for sure, our successors will ask where our contribution is: pollution, nuclear bombs, an obstinate aggressivity against the atom, the Big ang theory, a “hard” vision on physics. No doubt, nature has “hard” aspects, but this is not its fond. As electronic engineer, for whom “oscillations” are the “daily” bread, coming into the world of mechanics, I asked myself where the mechanical oscillations are, and, mainly, how can they be used. The actual stage of using stops at vibrators; the next step, pretty “small”, seems with the rectifying of the sinusoidal current in electricity, by passing to mechanical pulsatories, the most adequate mean being the using of the centrifugal effect.


The nature uncovers itself in a common way for all people, but our way of understanding depends on the way we correlate what we know and, especially from what kind of pre-requisites we start. At the question “what or who portions” the energy quantum in nature, starting from certain findings: the identity of atoms, existence of emitting sources (stars with T = ms/years), interference, entropy, the existence of a transmission field, the resonance phenomenon (not only electrical…), the phenomenon of reflection on the atom (nucleus, for radiation with comparable wave length), an answer appears: the atom as a mirror, using an expressive language. To imagine the inverse way, it would be sufficient to remember some hypothesis of H.Hertz concerning friction in nature. At the question why do atoms rotate, we could simultaneously answer with the question why the fluid modeled corps are spherical (the stars): they are surrounded from all parts by movement (the most from other corps) and present a small (but sufficient) asymmetry. Concerning the question where the movement is, we should look in opposite direction to the actual one. We know, we recognize this fact, but, probably, we should have the courage to think differently.


If we look up, we can admire the first element of the natural dynamics: the pair Terra-Moon, in permanent dynamic equilibrium, which actually means the pair of two phenomena: gravity and centrifugation. If we rotate by hand a corpus, we feel in our hand “something” that “pulls”, we have the sensation of weight, of compression. This happens anywhere in Cosmos, even far from the gravitational fields. If we want to understand what is happening, the actual physics proposes “virtualities”, no explanations. Gravity occupies all physics’ “landscape”, the aspects of centrifugal field and inertial field appearing as small “pieces of imprudence” of some that are not pleased with usual explanations. Yet, in engineering books, which treat centrifugal process equipment, this expression seems real and mostly useful, in spite of the fact that we were not taught in this way… Maybe the time of a constructive reform come in physics too, a reform, which closes us to the reality we are living and to prepare the field of understanding for the next generations. There is a rule in the nature: anywhere a scalar or vectorial difference occurs, a directional movement appears too. The transport on water mainly appeals to two ways of propulsion symbolized by the oar and the sail, which derive from lever and the idea of “dam in spring” on flux (unidirectional). We know how to intercept unidirectional fluxes (air, water) and how to use them. In Cosmos, we receive light, radiation oscillations from all directions, fact that we could name omni-radiation (in the extended spectrum). There is plenty of movement, of all sorts, but how can be “gathered” and eventually used, when it comes from everywhere?


A suggestion can be offered, in the domain of light, by a concave-convex mirror: it divides the space in two domains (dispersion and concentration). So, what comes from a semi-space will be spread by the convex part of the mirror, the environment isotropy supports a modification: a permanent difference appears, outcoming the way we directed the mirror. Where the differences appear, the movement will appear too. We know that light transport impulses that are translated by highly pressure. We are interested in a movement, a more ” consistent ” pressure to use as sailors do when they “pick” the wind with the sails. It is possible? We will choose this time from the huge spectrum of oscillations that is everywhere, anytime and plenty of it -something like a wind at order, an apparently uncommon situation. Using the relation E=hf we point our attention to radiation with higher frequencies than light, for which the atoms, the atomic networks are transparent, but can transport impulses, pressures of high radiation. In this order we know two things: radiation (a certain part of the spectrum) comes from all the parts and passes through the atomic network, as this one almost doesn’t exist (there are reflected only the radiation that address, are comparable to the corpuscles that form the atoms, determining them to permanently oscillate). We put ourselves the question if we can use a “sailor’s” habit, a kind of sail (in Jeronimus Bosch’s paintings a ship appears, in the air with a mast without sails, a vision of artist; let’s remember that the Brancusi’s master bird is full of upsurge, but without apparent wings, a full of meaning vision of cosmic fly). This time, instead of the sailor’s sail we could use the interference sails that could form when we rotate an atomic network, which has its weight center, the milliards of atoms (and nuclei) present more different speeds. What could that represent? The rotation of the atomic network would be equivalent with the formation of a convex-concave “dam” (to ward the rotation center), a sort of mirror, which presents on the two faces a difference of radiation pressure. The problem is how can we use this vector. In the case of vibrations, we use that principle scheme with two symmetric eccentrics, synchronized; from two rotations a bi-sense translation is obtained. We are very close from the idea of centrifugal traction: we have a bi-sense vector that we have to ” rectify” by a procedure of cyclic commutation. With a uni-sense vector (o-M pulsate or m-M); knowing the relation Ac=m.v2/r we can imagine the types of possible propulsions. According to the form of the elements, the relative movements and the accelerations that are used, we obtain a diversity of principle schema, from which derive a larger diversity of means of realization. In essence, centrifugation could be a key to the future that deserves to be tested. In the actual stage, the idea of inertial propulsion (centrifugal) is generally treated with indifference by the official media of mechanics. The future will clear up this attitude.


We start from the premise that the inertial pulsatory (centrifugal pulsatory) that should replace the propeller from the air and sea navigation to be as simple, safe and more efficient; moreover, it should replace in Cosmonautics the rocket propulsion because the inertial field is omni-present. The people of the last century waited with optimism the future; it is enough to refer the Robida’s famous drawings from the 1900. In spite of the fact that they will burned down by the two world wars, the hope come back at least few times in the ’20 and ’60 concerning aviation and the beginnings of the Cosmology. Our years are marked by a wonderful evolution in electronics, probably devolving from the peaceful mean of behave with the atoms. Not the same thing happens when we become aggressive. This behavior should make us ponder. From over a hundred of years we polish “the shell” of an explosive movement principle, which could be suggested from the volcanic phenomena (gases expansion), and the story of Baron Munchhausen, as a joking suggestion of movement became reality. But we should observe that explosive phenomena (earthquakes, volcano) bring us more drawbacks, than benefits and that they are not permanent in our life. As benefic phenomena we should observe the permanent ones (radiation, gravity and especially centrifugation which could be the “key” in the next development of mechanics and the technology that might derive. Do we notice the time of a new optimism? We used the term “Stellarotor” as a generic for the centrifugal propulsories as an alternative to the existing installation STELLARATOR in order to underline an eventual evolution of the idea that derive from the exposed ones in the energetic domain, still un-approached, but inferred. Lets optimistically pass the limit of the millennium that is to come for this unique event, everyone in the domain in which he believes he could give his contribution. Success!

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